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The dream catcher tent is made exclusive for the brides who like it warm n cozy in their homes. The moment is special for the family when they have their princess getting ready for her big day. This bride-to-be decor suits best for the comforts of the house. It's a creation from AOE to make every girl's dream come true.  A bride must feel special on her wedding day. You must be showered with compliments as a bride and must feel the happiness within that makes your heart smile. 


  • tent set up 1
    bride to be banner 1
    mirchi lights 1
    Star lights 1
    alphabets BRIDE
    flower line for poles 3
    cake stand 1
    leather box 1
    cage 1
    flower pots 3
    heart foil 1
    balloons multi color 30
    crown 1
    sash 1