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            In our special space, we allow only our special people and we feel comfortable with them, so our special space decor is for the people who love to be in their special zone and be felt special, the color combination of gold and black balloons give you the best look to your celebration and make your party even more joyfully. Our special space decor is so unique and classy it takes you to another level of happiness. It suite at the morning time and evening time also, imagine your surrounded by 100 of balloons and with your loved family members and friends, you will be in joy and celebrating your day with this our special space decor.  


  • balloons gold 60
      black 60
    back drop stand 1
    screens 1
    heart 1
    star 3
    birthday banner 1
    photos 20
    number foil  
    net screen 1
    cake stand 1
    alphabets LOVE
    bottle vase 1
    rose petals