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         The falling stars symbolize good luck, a significant change in your life, or even the ending of bad days, this pinky shiny combo of falling star decor is a new trending and exclusive decor that makes every kind of event look more gorgeous, the best decor to surprise your queens or kings, this is the best decor to surprise them and make them feel special. Make a wish and let us help you with the wish and fulfill your all dreams to come true, every day is a god gift day make every minute count in your life, enjoy your life with your desires 


  • tent set up  
    mirchi lights 1
    star lights 1
    heart foil 1
    birthday banner 1
    flower line 3 for poles
    cake stand 1
    leather box 1
    cage 1
    crown led 1
    alphabets HBD
    flower pots 1
    balloons pink 15
      white 15