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  It's classy as the name suggests its a bomb of colour. It’s just the special one designed for the special one you care for and want to shower your love. The love they say is like surprises no one knows who sits and plans it for you but when you are hit by it you just experience it. The surprise birthday decor in Bangalore is making people fall in love once again. Come fall in love and surprise your loved ones. 


  • Pastel colour balloons ( multicolour)
    Happy birthday banner
    Tripod stand
    White screen fabric
    Soft Net fabric for decor
    Foil balloon (heart/star)
    20 photos printed
    Cake table cloth
    HBD - Led letter lights

    Cake stand

    Flower vase - 2 

    Fluffy Feather boa strip for decor
    Cake stand 

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