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 The party halls need grand balloon decor and this one suits the best for a boys birthday party. This decor comes with photos that carry all the memories of the 12 months of ur boys journey and the special moments that you have captured in your camera. The classic pearl blue is the best decor for the first year boy birthday party. It also has a beautiful sight of white and blue birthday balloons that sparkle in the evening to set up the party mood. 


  • Banner:  happy birthday   

    Metalic Balloons   

    (Blue and white)   

    Netted cloth - gold(1)    

    Star foil/champaign foil    

    Led string lights 100        

    tripod stand
    Photo prints (20)       

    Table props           

    Cake table cloth - 1   

    Cage or giant wheel   

    Flower vase - 2   

    Cake stand - 1   

    led alphabet - ONE   

    Led crown