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  This beautiful decor is loved by girls and the black and pink balloons are just perfect to reflect their beauty. The Classic choco theme comes with table props that make the cake table gorgeous and charming. The shiny metallic balloons used; bring in the twinkle that needs in every party that your little one would love to have. This is the perfect decor that one can plan for the girl who has a sweet tooth. 


  • Metalic Balloons
    ( pink, black) 

    Happy birthday banner
    Tripod stand
    White fabric for backdrop
    20 photo prints
    Soft Net fabric for decor
    Foil balloon (heart/star)
    String lights
    Cake table cloth
    HBD/ONE - Led letter lights

    Cake stand

    Flower vase - 2 

    Fluffy Feather boa strip for decor
    Cake stand