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  The first year birthday for boys can not get better than this, the classic blue and white metallic balloons with a soft blue light background gets simply better as it gets darker. Blue pearl royale decor suits both the house parties and the parties in the clubhouse of your apartments. This blue and white is the signature for a boys birthday party. Adding on the photos to this decor makes it more special and interactive to the ones watching the decor.


  • Metalic Balloons
    ( Blue, white)
    Happy birthday banner
    Tripod stand
    White fabric for backdrop
    20 photos printed
    Floodlight / focus light
    Soft Net fabric for decor
    Foil balloon (heart/star)
    Cake table cloth
    HBD/ONE - Led letter lights

    Cake stand

    Flower vase - 2 

    Fluffy Feather boa strip for decor
    Cake stand