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Ballon Decaration Of  Birthday And Wedding Anniversary

Catering Services in Bangalore

In this world, the food has its own grace and only foodie can experience it into deepest manner. And our country India, which is world-wide famous for our delicious food variety and rich spices that vary from state to state. Our country people are fully fond of food; from traditional regional food to intercontinental food, every  category of food can be found in  Indian streets. So in this what happens that; when we make plan for some social gathering we always set our priority to the food category. Because every people have different taste, some may prefer veg-food while other go for non- vegetarian or western food and every attendees on event expect  availability of their favorite food. When the function is your child's birthday, you don't want disappoint anyone just because of food. This is why you should let us as your birthday caterer as we provide finest catering services that are full of several sizzling food categories which taste will be remember-able to your guest for the lifetime. In our Catering services in Bangalore we offer veg, non-veg and several packed foods of which you can eat what you want.


For brief description have a look on notable points-


Start things of with veg buffet

The menu at your child's birthday matters a lot and it represent a lot  about you too. Vegetarian buffet in birthday party consist of various things but it is myth in world that vegetarian grills are only about  paneer, if you or your squad also believed in  that, then  it is perfect time to understand the truth. Our AOE catering service team offers an superior food experience where foodies will crave to taste it on birthday party. On birthday party we not only provide Indian vegan diet but American, East Asian and European too.

Following are popular dishes that we serve in vegan diet

* Paneer Dishes

* Zafrani Pulao

* Dal Bukhara

* Risottos

* Smoked Dal Makhani


Apart from the popular ones there are always many more items our catering have for people. 


Prepare your hunger for delicious non-veg buffet

Most guests and kids fill up on starters and appetizer and do not even look at the main course and those who do, will surely left speechless with the taste of non veg food. As the non-veg food are entirely filled of spices, different taste and nutrition.


Here we have a popular collection of non veg starters that we serve on birthday parties.


*Indian Chicken Keema Sliders

* Mutton Galotti Kebab

* Prawn Masala Dumplings

* Cheesy Chicked Tikka

* Machar Chop Recipe

* Coriander Prawn Cakes

* Butter Chicken

* Chicken& Bell Pepper Skewers and much more exciting dishes.


Packed Food- An Economical Choice

Making sure that everyone enjoy birthday party without any worry of budget is our topmost priority. That's why we have introduced packaging food in catering service which surely saves some bucks of people. In packaged food you can customize your cuisines as per your choice for add on or removal of some item. While it may be noted that the variety and combination of food packs depends on the plan you choose, so select accordingly and make it an ultimate birthday bash.

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