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Ballon Decaration Of  Birthday And Wedding Anniversary

Birthday Party Packages

Nowadays birthday are celebrated like festival throughout the world and people give importance to birthday games and activities just like the candles and cake on birthdays. Most of time when public think of birthday activities, they assume some general games on party but birthday activities are not just limited with only games. Apart from birthday games there are several types of things that you can do with our birthday package for organizing an ultimate birthday bash. The activities that are included in our birthday plan are totally easy and suitable for all age group people and you can also suggest your variations to make them more joyful. If you are willing for more fun on upcoming birthday then we are presenting some of the ideas for making the party more interesting.


Make audience hearts bustle with thrilling birthday activities


We are listing down some of the best suggestion of entertaining activities that you can adopt on  your upcoming birthday.


1. Compete against friends in a themed dance off

This themed dance off will bring out a dancer from the beneath of your heart. For doing this, we create a music playlist of hit songs relative to the the party theme and prepare the dance floor accordingly. So, be dressed up nicely, and hit the dance floor with some amazing moves.


2. Delicious pizza party

Those crispy baked dough with different set of range of toppings always makes us to fall for it; no matter how old we are, we always search for pizzas on  events. Plan a pizza party on upcoming birthday with us and pull out foodie from your soul. For more variation you can also setup a competition in which attendees make their own pizza and whoever creates the tastiest, reward or congratulate him with some kind of prize.


3. Funny phot booth

Capture fun party memories with in the newest trend in the party. In phot booth we set  a decorative yet funny props against the wall and then we invite people to make some creative yet funny poses in the phot booth. Apart from unique activities we also have some remarkable games idea that will make party more entertaining one.


Fun games to try on party-


1. Treasure hunt game

If you are one of those detective type personality who loves to find treasure in the world, then this game is surely made for you. This birthday party game gives clues to the guests that lead them to areas around the house or yard until they reach their final prize. The prize can be customize according to  preference.


2. Three Legged race

It is one of the classical game that most of us have already played during childhood. This game is such a fun birthday party game which is totally hilarious and provides some unforgettable memories.

3. Tug of war

A simple but evergreen game, this game doesn't need any supplies at all. Just make two team and you are totally ready to go.


4. Dodgeball but with water balloons

A perfect game during summer; it is a team sport in which players on two teams try to throw balls and hit opponents but instead of ball, use water filled balloons as this will be more entertaining and not hurt anyone.

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