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Bachelorette Party in Bangalore

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Ballon Decaration Of  Birthday And Wedding Anniversary

Package Name : Bachelorette Party in Bangalore


This is the best package for every Bride who is stepping into her new life. The decor is classy and suits any restaurant or a pub and is ideal for an indoor setup. This economical package has all that a gang of girls would want for a celebration.  



1# Bride to be banner

2# Balloon decor 

3# Netted cloth

4# Star foil / Champaign foil 

5# Table props-


+ Cake table cloth

+ Cage or giant wheel 

+ Flower vase 

+ Electric candle

+ cake stand

+ Bride led alphabet

+ feather bow


Package cost : 2500/- 

Addons (Optional)-

Selfie props : 250/- 

teara : 200/-

bride to be sash : 250/-

Cake / pastry : variable 

photo print : 20/-

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